Esim Cuidadores, over 10 years taking care of people

We are recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
For this reason we can help you with the dependency law aid processing.

Our vision

Our vision is to solve a problem, every day more numerous, such as the duration of life expectancy.

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Our mission

Our mission is to work, investigate and experiment with different systems for changing habits and doing things in a different way.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to make life easier for all our current and future clients, providing solutions to their daily needs.

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Our main services are:

  • Home care service: (Do hygiene, provide the adequate medication, take care of the person, hydrate the skin, stimulate the muscles, practise memory exercises, etc.

  • Different movements from the chair or armchair to the bed and vice versa.

  • Accompaniment service for old people, children and the sick.

  • All housework services.

  • We help to carry out the dependency law aid process.

Cuidados personas

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Our main objectives in home care are:

Achieve the maximum well-being for people that, with our advice and support, can maintain personal autonomy, offering maximum security at home and out.

Our objectives are always aimed at giving the best  service to our clients.

Ayuda a domicilio

Home care service to help with household tasks such as cleaning, shopping and / or cooking as well as covering personal needs such as personal hygiene, changing diapers or catheters.

Estimulación de la memoria

Team specialized in helping people with Alzheimer's and other dementias with the practice of special memory stimulation exercises and other therapies.

Fisioterapia y terapia ocupacional

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Servicio de medicación dosificada a domicilio

Dosed medication service at home.

Asesoramiento y entrega de ayudas

Advisory service and delivery of technical aids.

Teleasistencia 24 horas


Servicio de medicación dosificada a domicilio

24 hour remote assistance.

The new telecare service has arrived

“Esim Cuidadores was a huge help for me as because of my work I couldn’t take care of my mother. They sent me a caregiver that took care of her, managed the necessary healing treatments and taught me how I should do them. “
Manuela M.

Our clients are:

  • Elderly people.

  • Elderly people with some problems.

  • People with different pathologies.

  • People who have suffered an accident.

  • People with spinal cord injuries.

  • People who have suffered vascular accidents.

  • People with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

  • People with terminal illnesses.

  • People with mental disabilities.

  • Childcare.

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