ESIM CUIDADORES, S.L. started with this activity back in 2006.


Our objective

Achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients, offering the highest quality with a fair price.

Experienced team

ESIM CUIDADORES is made up of staff who are continuously being trained. We also schedule our time to share different experiences in order to perform an easier service and reach a greater satisfaction from our clients.


  • Commitment to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients and achieve the objectives set in each case.

  • Follow-up of each case visiting the client and communicating with him/her in the agreed times.

  • Human Resources with continuous training for our staff, motivating them and recognizing their qualities and specializations.

  • Quality control and proposal for improvements.

  • Promotion of Local Occupation.

  • Research and technical and technological development.

  • Responsibility with the environment.

  • Compliance with all legal and tax responsibilities, in addition to the following such as: data protection, occupational risks, civil liability insurance, etc.

  • We collaborate with different specific and training entities.



The pillars on which coordination is based are internal communication, organization of the technical team and coordination between managers / supervisors and home care assistants.

The coordination meetings are useful to supervise the service given by our team in order to propose the necessary changes and meet all the client needs: schedules / services / tasks adjustments, etc.

The reporting of any incidents that may arise is effective, as they are communicated to the supervisors on a daily basis, greatly streamlining processes.

From ESIM CUIDADORES holding meetings with our managers is highly valued since it gives much more quality to the service. It is considered that they have similar quality information such as what geriatric assistants may have on a daily basis. In these meetings we exchange documentation, do schedules adjustments or cancellations due to user improvements, manage new cases, comments on incidents arising in the most relevant services, exchange opinions on services, etc.

Kinds of follow-up coordination meetings with home care assistants that provide services:

  • Visits: The coordinator or person in charge, in addition to observing the development of the user and the service, also sees “on place” the tasks that the assistant performs to clarify doubts or explain work guidelines, in case it’s needed.
  • Meetings: We have a quarterly meeting between the coordination team and the group of assistants where doubts are resolved and work protocols are reinforced.
  • Monthly individual meeting: Once a month, the home care assistants go to the office to collect documentation (payroll, schedules, etc.). This occasion is used to have a coordination meeting with the person in charge of ESIM CUIDADORES services where issues related to the cases attended by the home care assistant are discussed (new needs, review of tasks carried out, review of work protocols, etc.)

ESIM CUIDADORES S.L offers all the services and advice that any elderly person may need, regardless of their situation or condition.