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MOTIVATION How to find motivation in our day to day Let's find what we like Let's look for our well-being finding what motivates and excites us We understand motivation as those internal states that direct the body towards certain goals or ends, are those impulses that move the [...]


MEMORY Learning and survival What is memory? What role does it have in our life? Memory is one of the most important processes for the survival of people. This allows mechanisms such as learning, decision making, among others to exist. In short, memory is closely related to the development of the [...]


COMMUNICATION The importance of assertive communication. The different communication styles. The three profiles of assertiveness Communication is the main tool to be able to understand each other and understand each other. When we think about communicating with older people it is very important that they feel heard and understood. Sometimes it [...]


THE SUMMER Elderly people also have the right to enjoy their holidays What can we do during the holidays? The importance of being able to enjoy accompanied. After this year that we have lived, with the health crisis that COVID-19 has caused and still causes, we do not know [...]


GRIEF Managing the loss of a loved one Can we talk about the loss? Information and communication, key aspects Grief is a process that all people experience at some point in our lives, whether due to the loss of a loved one, a partner, a job, among others. It is that [...]

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