in the elderly

The importance of interpersonal relationships

We encourage older people to continue relating.

Throughout the life cycle, people experience changes such as retirement. changes in relationships and / or changes in ourselves (physical, cognitive, emotional …). This often reduces the social network, where older people interact and influence.. Therefore, there is an increased risk of social isolation or unwanted loneliness in older people.

Interpersonal relationships have a direct effect on people’s well-being. We are social beings and we have the need to relate to each other. In many cases the interpersonal relationships of the elderly are reduced to the family environment. It is known that the relationship with the closest relatives is very important for the well-being of the elderly, since feelings of love and support are generated. Even so, it is important to also strengthen relationships with peers, with people of their age with whom to share experiences, beyond the family.

Unwanted isolation has been observed to be related to a worse state of health and may be related to depression, cognitive impairment, etc., in older people.

Let’s help break this unwanted loneliness and facilitate the social relationships of the elderly people around us promoting family encounters as well as finding spaces where the person can relate to people of their age.

It is also important that the person continues to feel part of the community, taking an active role in society. This feeling of belonging to something contributes to having a better self-esteem, since it helps us feel useful and capable of contributing.

Let’s enjoy being with each other, let’s learn and share. No matter how old we are, no one has to feel alone. Let us accompany and help the elderly so that they can enjoy a full and healthy social life.

Maria Garreta, Collegiate Psychologist nº 21887


These spaces have to allow the elderly person to feel comfortable, to establish trusting relationships and enjoy sharing experiences with other people.

The current health situation does not allow us to enjoy social relationships as it could be done until now, currently we have to follow the health recommendations.

Even so, the loneliness of the elderly is not something that has appeared with Covid-19, it was already a reality that many people lived before the pandemic. We all have to work together to ensure these spaces and moments of relationship with and for the elderly.