Let’s activate our mind and body.

The importance of taking care of ourselves

The activity of our body and our mind will help to improve our aging process.

We currently live longer and have a better quality of life, this is a positive fact for our lives.

Active aging is defined as the process by which opportunities are optimized to enjoy physical, social and mental well-being throughout life, with the aim of extending healthy life expectancy, productivity and quality of life in the third Age.

This stage of life is not synonymous with dependence and uselessness, although sometimes we see old age as a cost to society and not as another stage of life where the person can still contribute and have a role within society.

In order to face the different evolutionary stages of life until reaching the third age, it is very important to keep our mind active. Once we reach an older age, a stage in which most people no longer work and their pace of life decreases, we do not have to leave the mind idle, inactive, on the contrary we have to continue to stimulate ourselves cognitively, either with reading , memory exercises, attention, as well as enjoying our “hobbies”. This will favor a better aging of our mind.

“Healthy mind in healthy corpore”. Maintaining a healthy body is just as important, as keeping an active and fit body is known to contribute to a healthier mind. During this stage of life it is important to exercise / physical activity as much as possible, be it walking, exercising at home, swimming, among others.

We have to change the “chip” and see the importance of this stage of life. If together we change our vision of older people, as well as social and health policies focused on aging, we will achieve this active aging that we all expect.

Maria Garreta, Collegiate Psychologist No. 21887

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Let’s not underestimate the capabilities of older people.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to imagine the elderly people around us doing physical exercise and it may be that some people no longer feel like it. Let’s help them, let’s go for a walk with them, let’s try exercising together.

On the other hand, cognitive stimulation can be done in many ways and one of the simplest can be achieved by enjoying a conversation with those elderly people that we have close to. Let us explain their experiences, their concerns, their interests, so we will also be able to keep our minds active.