How to find motivation in our day to day

Let’s find what we like

Let’s look for our well-being finding what motivates and excites us

We understand motivation as those internal states that direct the body towards certain goals or ends, are those impulses that move the person to do certain actions and persist in them until reaching their culmination. That which makes us act.

Throughout our lives we have surely carried out many activities that we have liked or motivated and that we have carried out with enthusiasm. When we can find an activity that makes us feel good, our well-being increases.

It is possible that in our working life we have been fortunate to have worked in a job that we liked and this has surely taken up a large part of our time. What happens when we get older and retirement arrives? Do we know how to occupy our time with other things that motivate us, other than work or taking care of our children, who are now older? Have we cultivated hobbies over the years?

Often we can find that retirement arrives and we suddenly find ourselves with 40-50 hours a week empty, which until now were always occupied by other things. And now that? It is important to give ourselves the time to adapt to the new situation, all changes cost at first. We have to see it as an opportunity. Opportunity to do things that until now we have not had time to do and find or reconnect with our hobbies and see where we want to invest our time.

Each person can find different fields to explore; reading, studying, sports, as well as cooking, knitting, walking, among others, but does this motivate us enough? Will we feel fulfilled by doing these activities? Do we connect with enthusiasm and motivation?

Everything will depend on what approach we want to give to this new position within society. We are no longer active at work and perhaps we no longer feel useful to this society. But this is not the case, we can be active and participate in more formal activities such as volunteering or remain active by dedicating time to ourselves and our loved ones.

Let’s look for motivation, desire and enthusiasm in the small things of daily life, not because we get older, life loses interest, but on the other hand, we have the opportunity to create the life that we want, we have free time.

Maria Garreta, Collegiate Psychologist nº 21887


It is not always easy to know what to do with your free time. We are not used to having the whole day to ourselves, either because we have worked or taken care of children and relatives for many years.

With retirement a new stage begins, let’s enjoy it and discover new things that excite us and make us feel good about ourselves.

Let’s take care of our self-esteem and well-being and let’s build a future where we can find motivation in our day to day.