Our main services are

Personal attention tasks:

  • Personal hygiene, including but not limited to: changing clothes, washing hair and everything that requires regular hygiene, support or care in the bathroom.
  • Specialized attention to ensure personal hygiene for bedridden and incontinent patients, in order to avoid the ulcers formation.
  • Help to support mobilization, both at home and out.

  • Monitoring of the prescribed medication intake.

  • Assistance in getting out of bed and lying down.

  • Accompaniment to therapeutic visits or priority services that improve user life quality.

  • Accompaniment to the user for participation in cultural, leisure and free time activities.

  • Collection and management of prescriptions and documents related to the user’s daily life.

  • Collection and management of recipes and documents related to the user’s daily life.

  • Others not specified.

servicios acompañamiento
servicios acompañamiento

General Home Care Tasks

  • Household cleaning: both punctual and regular (windows, tiles, curtains, lamps …).

  • Washing, ironing and reorganising clothes.

  • Managing domestic purchases.

  • Cooking food.

  • Collaboration to fix household or personal use utensils, which are presented unexpectedly, as well as to place ornamental objects when the user, due to their limitation, cannot resolve it by itself and the intervention of a specialist is not necessary.

  • Transfer of cooked meals to the user’s home.

Family support tasks:

  • Attention to children in family units with special difficulties, support in childcare tasks, hygiene and feeding guidelines, control of school attendance and other support tasks with the aim of promoting their development and personal autonomy.

apoyo familiar

Meals on wheels:

The main goal of this service is to facilitate the consumption of complete and adequate meals, all from the nutritional point of view, to older people who have difficulties to prepare their meals due to physical or mental disabilities as well as lack of family support.

The objectives of this service are the following:

  • Provide a nutritionally correct diet.

  • Maintain appropriate eating habits to help the overall health of the person, providing a balanced and medically prescribed diet, adjusted to the conditions suffered by the user.

  • Avoid accidents that may arise when the user has to perform tasks related to meals preparation such as shopping, gas cookers, etc taking into account the specific circumstances of physical deterioration, psychic, disability or dependency of each user.

  • Minimize the risk of developing diseases and deficiencies that often go unnoticed, but directly affect users’ health.

  • Promote personal autonomy in order to facilitate integration into family and community life.

  • Promote the stay at home style for people who use this type of benefit.

Sundays and bank holiday services:

These services are provided to users who require personal attention, mainly bedridden people or people who require support in their daily basis activities and when their needs cannot be met by family members.

domingos festivos
servicio 24 horas

24 hours phone contact:

ESIM CUIDADORES has a mobile phone to which calls received in the office are diverted, outside of working hours, so all calls can be answered 24 hours a day.

Continuous attention is offered 365 days a year to take care of possible incidents that may arise and for the correct functioning of the service.

How we deliver our services

Complete and comprehensive services to cover the needs, care and attention that any dependent person may have, temporarily or chronically.

We differentiate the following services that can be provided individually or in combination, with which we guarantee a comprehensive care.

We make a prior visit, personalized, FREE AND WITHOUT COMMITMENT, to the client’s home to assess their needs and the different existing problems, so we know their environment, their priorities and we can provide the most suitable profile to cover all their needs in the best way.

Our services are performed by geriatric assistants, who also have experience in performing domestic tasks.

We have managers in each area, whose main tasks are to supervise the service to verify that it meets the highest quality standards. They also create from scratch the work protocol, specific to each case, in order to evaluate the follow-up of the patient.

Special home care services

Our main objectives in home care are:

To achieve the maximum well-being for people who with our advice and support can maintain personal autonomy, offering maximum security at home and out.

Our objectives are always aimed at giving the best possible service to our clients.

Servicio acompañamiento
  • Specialized team for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

  • Podology.

  • Dosed medication service at home.

  • Advisory service and technical aids delivery.

Telehealth 24 hours.
Telehealth at home and on-the-go.

Much more than a button. A watch that protects you and helps you know where you are with real-time notifications.
Alarm button that alerts the family member or the 24-hour service.
It can be used under the shower, counts daily steps and warns of low battery.