Elderly people also have the right to enjoy their holidays

What can we do during the holidays?

The importance of being able to enjoy accompanied.

After this year that we have lived, with the health crisis that COVID-19 has caused and still causes, we do not know what to do with the holidays.

Older people in some cases have been completely isolated from their families during this pandemic. The experience of these months and the loneliness they may have experienced may have affected people on an emotional level. For this reason, as long as the prevention measures indicated by the main authorities can be followed, it is recommended that the elderly can spend a few days with the family, since it can report a well-being on an emotional and health level.

As much as possible, it is also important to involve older people in planning the holidays, the activities that will be done, where they will go, the food that will be cooked. In this way we reinforce the feeling of autonomy of the person, making him see that his opinion also matters. In many cases, older people preserve the ability to make decisions for themselves, although they may be more dependent in other aspects, but sometimes it is hard for us to see it and we do not give a voice to the older people around us.

The fact of sharing with the children, grandchildren, nephews, etc., will also make the elderly person feel that they can enjoy their vacations, changing the environment and the company, thus leaving the space in which they carry confined the last few months.

Maria Garreta, Collegiate Psychologist No. 21887


Despite being holidays, it is advisable to follow a certain pattern of care for the elderly:

Balanced diet, to maintain physical and mental health, being able to make some exceptions.

Follow the medication guidelines, try to carry the necessary amount and have the medical prescriptions in case it runs out.

Watch out for dehydration: drink plenty of water and try to avoid other drinks that do not hydrate in the same way.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.